Introduction: Cheap 2$ Microscope for Hobbyists. Magnifying Eye Jewelry Loupe.

Sometimes I need to check small things, but not so oft for real microscope. So here 2$ solution which is very compact and does its job.

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  • 10x Watch Jewellery Magnifier Loupe Eye Len Eyepiece Repair Kit Tool LL
  • 30X Glass Magnifying Magnifier Jeweler Eye Jewelry Loupe Loop T5


dan3008 made it! (author)2016-01-07

not so much an instructable as a buying advice

aequanimitas made it! (author)aequanimitas2016-01-07

Yes, this is only an idea.

ArifSae made it! (author)ArifSae2016-02-28

here i did a version myself when involved in a lot of soldering for this project :

a camera lens and headphone head strip. (helped me find lot of not so good solder joints) costed like 20PKR / 0.2$ for lens, headphone i had broken one lying around.


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