What is 3D scanner? It is like normal scanner but with one D more. This D means dimension, so 3D scanner is device that can scan objects that are not flat. We can scan almost anything: toys, parts, stones, plants, art, food and much more. In this instructable I will show you how to assemble ciclop 3D scanner, how to use it, and how to go form point of cloud to 3D printed element. Above you can find video about it but if you prefer reading below you can find article.

I am also a programmer and I like making mobile games. Month ago I bought VR headset and I made a game called PongVR which is the new virtual reality version of classic pong game. You can also play without VR headset. Here you can download it:

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Step 1: What You Will Need

To make it you need just one kit. Below you can find link to buy it, there is everything that you will need to make it (including tools). Above are some images of what you can find in this kit including motor parameters and power supply.

Link to kit with all needed parts

<p>GearBest company will not ship this to the US. However, for a few dollars more, one can purchase it through amazon. You could also download the .stl's on Thingiverse, print up the plastic parts and then order the non-3D printed parts seperately.</p>

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