This is a cheap basic four motors, four sensors, programmable 8051 object avoiding robot using breadboad. This robot can also be used as a line following robot just changing the program. I installed two batteries for more power, but it can also be use with a single battery. 7805 is used as a voltage regulator IC. 7805 gives the constant +5V DC output. The μC used is Atmel's AT89S52. The LM324 is a quad operational amplifier which I used to amplify the IR and Photodiode signals. The output of this is then given to the AT89S52. The output of AT89S52 is then given to the L293DE. L293DE is a four channel amplifier driver which is used to drive the four gear motors.

Step 1: Getting the Materials:

Now lets see the materials needed:

For mechanics-
1. One chassis (you can use any as of your convenience).
2. Four gear motors (I used 200 rpm motor).
3. Four wheels.
4. Female bolt (comes with gear motor).

For circuit-
1. Two batteries- 6V 1.2A maintenance-free lead acid battery (you can use Li-Po too or only one cell, but it shoud be greater than 5V and have high current).
2. Wire stripper and cutter
3. Nose plier
4. Single threaded (hook-up) wires (multi colors).
5. One breadboard (174mm x 67mm).
6. LEDs.
7. IR-Photodiode sensor (if you can't find it, the ckt is discussed in this instructable).
8. Resistors- 270Ω, 10kΩ.
9. Capacitors- 10μF electrolytic, 33pF ceramic.
10. 11.0592MHz oscillator .
11. A burner for programing AT89S52. I have used ZF-007 ISP Programmer.

1. 7805
2. LM324
3. AT89S52
4. L293DE 

For IR proximity sensor:

1. Resistors- four 10kΩ, four 270Ω.
2. Potentiometers- four 10kΩ.
3. LEDs- four IR, four photodiode.
4. Copper clad board or blank PCB.
hi man,, could you post another pictures, i don;t now how you are using the 7805 , is not working, and where is the 33 pf condensor?
the 7805 connection is shown on the picture. and 33pf capacitor is from 18 and 19 of AT89S52 to ground
Very nice! I am especially intrigued by your idea for soldering gloves<br/>

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