Cheap and Easy LED Fan





Introduction: Cheap and Easy LED Fan

In this instructable i will show you how to et that cool LED effect for free.

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need

You will need: ( shown )
330 ohm resistor
A fan
Assorted LEDs
9 volt battery clip
Also: ( not shown )
9 volt battery
Wire strippers/ cutters
Soldering iron

Step 2: Step 2: Solder

Solder the 330 ohm resistor to the 9 volt battery clip. Then solder all of the positive leads from the LOED to the positive battery lead, and the negatives to the other side of the resistor. Then test too see if the LEDs work.

Step 3: Step 3: Tape

Now tape the LEDs to the fan, hook up the 9 volt and tape that also.

Step 4: Step 4: Tape

Now tape the fan to the floor.

Step 5: Video

Your done! This is a video of the fan in action.

Step 6: Final Note

Thank you for viewing my instructable. Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions. Please rate my instructable. Thanks.



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So you are practically taping a massive 9V battery to a fan blade?

No... i taped a regular size 9 volt to a large fan.


Lol nice

You could put a motor against the fan's shaft and use it as a generator, so every time the fan is switched on, the LED's turn on. It would also make it look a lot neater.

Couldn't you just extend the wire and have it sit on top of the fan

@@|@@ I guess you would have to be carefull about the Wires
@@@|@@@=Front Being Severd
@@@@ Legend
@@ |=Wire

~@#@@~ ~= Space filler
@@#@@ #=WIre
~@@@@= fan

I would have thought that the fan would be so far out of balance it would try to shake itself apart with the battery attached to the blade?

That's why you tape it to the floor. You can hear the fan rattling in the video. This would be really cool with a (modified) miniPOV. Or tape throwies to each blade.

Although it does look really neat this simply is not safe. I'd exercise a good amount of caution turning that fan on with a battery taped to it. At least put the cage on the front of it. You could take an eye out. But again, this is pretty cool and I always have enjoyed seeing the streaks that light creates when moving at a high speed. Also to improve a little bit you might want to see if you could even figure out a way so that the battery isn't mounted on the fan. Perhaps two conductive circular strips around the base and 2 contact leads that move with the fan.

I would like to make conductive strips, but i've tried before and it didnt work out well.