I've been seeing these instructables about portable chargers and they've been with soldering or parts which I think is too much!
Parts needed: A USB connection able to cut with two wires held, some electric tape( I used aluminum type), lego is want or a different cover, 9v battery with the power cable thing , especially wire strippers
<p>its ok to use a 9v but not straight to your device,there are alot of simple circuits you could build to convert the 9v to 5v</p>
<p>ok so if i hook a 9 volt to the charger cord and hook it up will it short the phone because a normal charger only outputs 5 volts not 9 get back to me please</p>
If you say so about the battery burning up I'll see if the results change with other plans towards it, thanks for the info
It's not for a phone.... I've used it for an mp3 player and it's worked just fine for me.
This is a very bad bad idea , over charging a lithium batery can be dangerous. For one the battery may explode.
There is a reason why everyone else do it a certain way. I have no experience with currents and what not... And even I know that you should not use 9 volts where you are supposed to use 5.
<p>Following this is a really bad idea. This is almost twice as much voltage as your device was intended for. You need to decrease this to 5v as others have said. A very easy way to do that is with a Buck Converter.</p>
isn't 9v too much for cellphones?<br>thought it was closer to 5v?
<p>I agree, the USB standard is 5V. You should really at a minimum use a 5V voltage regulator. If you don't, 9V can slowly, or quickly kill your device.</p><p>If this charger has worked fine for you so far, that will be because 9V batteries can only output a small current and therefore not instantly blow up your device.</p><p>If you continue to charge it with a 9V battery, you may have complications such as your device dying, getting hot, setting on fire, or the battery life being diminished from not being charged properly. </p>

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