Cheap and effective way to clean your microwave
Do you think this would work the same if I just microwaved lemon juice? I've got a whole bottle of that on hand in the fridge.
see what she said about equall parts of water and vinegar work? try equal parts of water and lemon juice
GREAT ! For the sake of (electrical) safe, remember to switch off or even unplug the oven when you clean it with wet sponges or cloths
Hey, I want to add my two cents to this Instructable. I want to let every one know that I have done this and it DOES WORK ! So the next time you need to clean out the caked on gunk from the inside of the microwave use this method and you will not be disappointed.
Love the video, great idea! I also love the music, and have replayed it several times just to listen to it. What song is being played in it?
the name is day after day you can download it from ibaudio
PLease add this instructable to my group Lemons!
thanks i think is already there nice group
Yeah..this method really works!
MUC BETTER!!! Thanks =)<br/>
I confirm !
Very nicely done and a good idea.
how do i veiw this?
just click on it
I agree with Keith-Kid. Nice video.. my microwave sometimes smells really bad.
Nice Video. Good to know how to get those old smells out. Also i love this video it just has a peaceful mood. Maybe its the music....its cool

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