aquarium plants are pretty expensive, some cost about $10 for one, so i decided to make my own. and for about $10 you can have enough plants to decorate as many fish tanks as you want

Step 1: Supplies

the main thing you need is any kind of fake plant i got mine from michaels but they sell them everywhere, just find one you like, the other things you need can pretty much be found around the house. you don't have to just use one plant i just did cus i didnt want to buy a lot of them but it would look better with a good variety 
<p>Smart 'ible! :D One thing to be cautious of however, when picking out the plastic plants, is sometimes they contain a wire inside (to help bend the plant in any direction you wish.) You don't want to put the wired ones in your aquarium, they'll rust and make a mess. Sometimes you can pull the wire out, often you can't. It's easy to tell which ones have wires inside though, just bend them and if it stays bent, it's got a wire!</p>
very nice idea .........but must say almost all photos were out of focus.......and lastly too much froth on water implies water pollution it taking toll
<p> <em><strong>GENERAL WISKERS! Wow.....AMAZING! Yes, $10 bux a pop for a 4&quot;artificial aquarium plant! MY SON IS GONNA BE VERY BUSY TODAY! You are INGENIUS! I entered contest also.....not on purpose, I made something for my daughter and the next day I found this &quot;addictive&quot; site! I'm voting for YOU. PS....I'm following you also! Ranie-K has potential good advice, however I'm sure that your &quot;pollution level&quot; in your tank is JUST FINE, or you would not&nbsp;have a tank existing!!!!&nbsp;PS.....Love the Hammer comment! MUCH RESPECT, Janet&nbsp; &lt;3</strong></em></p>
Plastic plants not specifically meant for aquariums may leak toxins into your tank. According to one of my aquarium books, soaking them in vinegar a few days supposedly gets rid of some or all toxins that would otherwise pollute your tank.
<strong>Good &quot;Constructive&quot; Information.&nbsp; General Wiskers: You the &quot;bomb&quot; THX</strong>

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