Picture of Cheap BBQ Cover made From Tarp
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
My Weber cover lasted over 10 years, but I realize they're very expensive to replace. Wonder if old tarps will do ....
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Step 1: Stuff Needed

1- Large , heavy duty tarps. I got a 7' x 9' for $4 at Harbor Freight Tools
2- Duct tape
3- Bungee ties

Step 2: Measure & Cut

Picture of Measure & Cut
I gave this to my kids as an engineering project and they didn't have much pics. Basically, you lay the tarp on your grill, fold over the corners, cut off the excess, and duct tape the seams. I guess one can use ironing too ...

Step 3: Flip Inside Out

Picture of Flip Inside Out
Now it's just cosmetics. My daughter use yellow duct tape for the duck, get it ?

Step 4: Thread A Tide Down

Picture of Thread A Tide Down
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
My old cover had Velcro, but it got brittle & broken off. Might as well fix this too Just open one end of the bungee, thread thru the metal grommets, and tie off the ends.

Step 5: All Finished

Picture of All Finished
I hope this will last for a while.