Picture of Cheap Bird Seed/Water Holder
Need a new seed or water dish for your bird? Dont want to pay a ridiculous amount for something you can make for under $1 and in less than 5 mins? I have the answer!

After recently getting a new cage for my 2 budgies (that was clearly massive for them), i decided they needed a new food and water bowl because the ones they had in their other cages didnt fit in the new one. I saw some on the internet that were $10 each and didnt want to wait 2 weeks for them to arrive. So instead i gathered some supplies and got to work.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
All you need is four around the house items to make this really simple dish is:

Pocket knife or scissors,
1x small bolt (about 2cm),
1x small nut (to fit bolt),
1x small wing nut (to fit bolt),
1x 1.25L empty soft drink bottle.
EmilioZ5 months ago

Thank you! This was very helpful.