Picture of Cheap Black & Decker 18Volt battery
So if you're like me with several aging batteries for you cordless drill and to cheap to pay the full price for a replacement
Then check this out.
 I have several Black & Decker 18 volt batteries, part #244760-00, that were at least 5 years old and only 1 good one.  I decided to try and find a cheaper alternative to the 35-45 dollar new battery price. I just happened to be at Harbor Freight one day and noticed there line of 18 volt cordless power tools.  The battery they use is Drill Master part # 67029, and is only 10 dollars.  I decided to just buy one, since it was cheap and took it home to do a comparison with a B & D battery.  They batteries are very similar in size and the way it is wired. 

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Step 1: Comparing the batteries.

Picture of Comparing the batteries.

Step 2: Inside the packs

Picture of Inside the packs
Even though the Harbor Freight Battery was only 10 bucks the battery is only rated at 1300 mAhr, while the B&D battery is rated at 1500, so there is a little bit of a trade off.

Step 3: Making changes

Picture of Making changes
Even though both packs use the same connector, they are not arranged the same way so some adjustments will have to be made.  On the Harbor Freight battery wires there is a right angle bend on the bottom of the connection wire that needs to be removed, if not the positive and negative wires will touch during final assembly.

Step 4: Wiring the connector

Picture of Wiring the connector
This step you will put the Harbor Freight wires into the B&D Connector.

Step 5: Install and Reassembly

Picture of Install and Reassembly
This isn't an exact fit so on the final assembly you will have to be careful when you put the new pack in.  The top of the pack will be a very tight fit.

Step 6: Finishing up

Picture of Finishing up
Before testing I like to Check Polarity of any battery work, as you can see it was 18.52 volts. The old battery was 11.5, bad.  You may also find that when charging the battery it may be a tight fit because of the additional wiring in the new battery pack. 

I just bought two drillmaster 18 volt batteries item #68413 they do not look like the ones in your video can I still convert these for my black and decker batteries

Crantson99 (author)  jeff.sternberg21 month ago

Only way to know is to open the battery. The outside of the battery shouldn't matter as much as how the cells inside are arranged. I see there only 12 bucks right now. Good luck!!

russ_hensel1 month ago

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless-Drill-Battery-Maintenance !


Take a look at a bunch of different/similar approaches to this project.

NickF16 months ago

Hi the resistor is 11 ohms 5% (Brown, Brown, Black ,Gold)

Pizdarul9 months ago

Hi Guys, I hope somebody can help me. My charger is not working anymore, a resistor is down. Unfortunately it's too dark to see the colors of the rings. I can't find a data sheet so maybe one of you guys can help me out with this one.

Crantson you did a great job man, THX!! Greetings from The Netherlands!

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purefusion10 months ago

For what it's worth, Harbor Freight decided to clearance the #67029 battery you referenced (and the price on clearance is still $15) but I got a different 1300mAh battery, item #68413, which is also normally $15, but was on sale for $12.99 and if you look in your coupon circulars, there's always 20% off coupons, making the price slightly over $11. A bit of soldering required, but worked great!

Cranston, you are a Godsend! Kudos, and thanks for posting this, bro!

newestbie made it!11 months ago

I've done same. Original B&D batteries so expensive, Harbor freight batteries best solution. I replaced 3 of my batteries same price that I would pay one original.

Standard HPB18 Black & Decker 18V batteries only 1300Ah, FSX models are 1500Ah.

Harbor Freight has couple different models. DrilMaster 18v (item 68413) batteries are 1300Ah and only $12. You can also find Chicago Electric 18v batteries (item 68860), these are 1500Ah and sold for $15.

They both will fit in your B&D battery case. Only 1500AH one has three wires others has two wires. Third wires connected to thermistor, used by fast chargers to measure battery temperature during charge. Regular Black&Decker chargers don't have this feature So you don't need to connect thermistor wire.

RangerJ1 year ago

Good project. I have a couple of flat B and D batteries I could do this with.

tnakazawa1 year ago
I love this trick. I was looking for cheaper battery, but no luck so I started looking for new power drill. I am so glad I found your trick and I am glad that you share with people. Only thing I did different is I used the plastic part from the master drill battery, where positive and negative sit. There is a space on bottom for wire to go through so it will not be tight fit to close the case.
dpmp1 year ago
I like the idea of modding the B&D batt using the Chicago Electric 68860 NiCad. Two (2) batts for less than the price of one B&D batt. I have bought them but still not sure what to do with the third wire (plus the fact that I don't have the soldering tool yet). The B&D does have a third wire but Jake mentioned he didn't solder it to the same configuration. These B&D also has a metal plate that is soldered to one of the battery, where it connects to the center connector (where the third wire goes).
randymartin2 years ago
insanehognut: Can you be more specific about "a little rewiring and a little grinding"? Thanks. (there are not images down where the reply to insane is so I'm putting my message here!)
realety2 years ago
That is an excellent idea. I do have a question that I hope someone, hopefully you, can help me with. I have a B&D 18 volt weed eater that I would like to convert to use with a cord. I have a large lawn and I am tired of taking 2+ days to do the job between charges. Anyway, my question is, what is the amperage that is put out by the 18volt batteries? This is key to me being able to make my conversion since I'm going to be sacraficing one of my battery packs to do this.
TylerPA realety2 years ago
Good question, but don't look at it as the battery putting out amps, look at it as how many amps the motor draws. Try to find the watts that it puts out, and that will give you the amps. (amps x volts = watts). So if it's 100 watts, and we know it's 18 volts, the amps would be 5.55.
One other thing to remember, the motor runs on DC current, not AC. So you'd have to find a power cord that converts AC to DC. These are very common, they are the ones with the big black box that plugs into a wall. (Look at any battery charger plug). Find one that puts out 18v, + the amps the motor draws, and you're good to go.
Jake.2 years ago
This was an excellent idea!!! The battery you used is now costing $19.95, so I purchased the Chicago Electric 68860 18 volt NiCd 1500 mAh at Harbor Freight and it fit perfectly, too! I simply had to extend the wires (soldered new wires to the existing wires that are attached to battery cluster) then soldered those ends to the terminals on the B&D battery housing. There is a 3rd "smaller" wire inside this battery going to a thermistor; I assume for the Chicago Electric charger so I simply cut off. As Crantson99 mentioned, it's a tighter fit when you close it up but with 6 screws it tightens perfectly with no gaps. I use mine in my B&D leaf blower and drill. So, I immediately blew my back patio then front driveway and then allowed it to almost comletely drain the new battery. Put it in the B&D charger, charged up great!!! So, I plan to go and buy 2 more because I have a few dead ones but never threw them away. The cost for the Chicago Electric 68860 18 volt NiCd 1500 mAh at Harbor Freight is $14.99. That's right 1500 mAh.

TY Crantson99!!!


RangerJ3 years ago
That's a good idea - something I have been wanting to do.

Another solution is to get a battery from the same manufacturer, but at a different voltage. For instance, I bought a 9 volt battery for a Black and Decker 12 volt screwdriver. It works fine, although lacking in top speed (I don't care about that) and possibly at a lower torque. (I haven't found it to be a problem.) I think the battery was on sale for half or less of the 12 volt battery. Considering that I bought the drill for half price, too, I am satisfied.

In order to use it, I did have to grind off a piece of plastic that kept the battery from sliding completely onto the driver, but it didn't hurt the battery and the drill was unchanged.
burntbob3 years ago
I had the same problem with my BD batteries, thats a great solution and way cheaper! Very clear explanation!
Great info!
I have several of the 18V Black and Decker power tools and a few bad batteries that I need to replace. I can fix the 2 bad ones I have using this idea for less than the cost of one replacement battery. I had already replaced 3 others with NiMh batteries I ordered online and they are fantastic but pricey and took 3 months to get here (ordered from need battery dot com and they shipped from china, slow to get here but cheaper than anywhere else). They look like the grey one in the background on your 1st picture. This will put a couple of the others I was holding onto back to work!
OK, I rebuilt my two battery packs and they work perfectly. While I was there I saw an 18 volt drill master 1/4 impact driver on sale for $19.99. I have been wanting the Black and Decker one but it is 3x's that much so I decided to see if I could get the Black and Decker battery to fit it and I was with a little rewiring and a little grinding of plastic with my dremel tool!

If you already have the 18 volt Black and Decker batteries the Harbor Freight line of 18 volt Drill Master tools can be made to receive the Black and Decker Batteries and they have some pretty decent stuff to choose from. Here is what they have that can be made to work with the Black and Decker batteries:

Here is the one I did: