Step 2: Inside the packs

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Even though the Harbor Freight Battery was only 10 bucks the battery is only rated at 1300 mAhr, while the B&D battery is rated at 1500, so there is a little bit of a trade off.
newestbie made it!1 year ago

I've done same. Original B&D batteries so expensive, Harbor freight batteries best solution. I replaced 3 of my batteries same price that I would pay one original.

Standard HPB18 Black & Decker 18V batteries only 1300Ah, FSX models are 1500Ah.

Harbor Freight has couple different models. DrilMaster 18v (item 68413) batteries are 1300Ah and only $12. You can also find Chicago Electric 18v batteries (item 68860), these are 1500Ah and sold for $15.

They both will fit in your B&D battery case. Only 1500AH one has three wires others has two wires. Third wires connected to thermistor, used by fast chargers to measure battery temperature during charge. Regular Black&Decker chargers don't have this feature So you don't need to connect thermistor wire.