This is a pretty straightforward jig for binding books.
It consists of a plywood leftover with a metal bar that is compressed by two bolts.
Finally there are two stoppers to align the pages.

Regarding the binding itself, I drilled holes in the paper, then I used nylon string to bind the pages together.
Wood glue is applied to the back of the book and to give the final touch, a piece of duct tape is placed over the glue.
Omg u drilled a book couldn't u use a 3 ring hole punch
<p>I used the tools that I had available ;)</p>
going to try this on the weekend, thanks :)
When you print your book, make sure that you leave as much margin as possible on the side of the binding. <br>From my experience, if you do not leave enough margin, it is kind of hard to read the text near the binding. <br> <br>I recently printed another book and left a much larger margin and it is great. <br>Also, to ease the process, I used zip ties instead of the nylon string. It is much faster but less &quot;perfect&quot;. <br> <br>Good luck !
Would be nice of you to add a little step by step instructions for dummies like me to follow along.

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