Using items around the house to clean your car.

Step 1: Materials

Dish soap and bucket: Use a mop for hard to reach areas

Furniture polish: For waxing. $1.00 at dollar tree.

Vinegar and lemon juice: Use a crumple newspaper for windows and mirrors

Olive Oil and old cotton shirt: Use for interior and dash

Dryer sheets: Hidden out of site will activate as interior heats up in sun for a clean smell

Drill with screwdriver as attachment: Add a old sock for buffing. Baking Soda toothpaste works good on

headlight lens.

GLYCERIN skin protectant: Mix 1 oz to 6 oz of water in spray bottle. New tire shine.

<p>looks good dude deffo giving these a try on mine</p>
<p>You got those rims nice and shiny! </p><p>I'm curious about the olive oil on the dash though... Wouldn't the residue go rancid over time and start to smell pretty bad?</p>
<p>Dont wory. I was sceptic about olive oil and smell but no smell at all. Now I use it all the time. </p>
<p>Good point! Well see with the test of time. Kerosine cleaned off the brake dust.</p>

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