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So EASY, and FAST. A cheap and easy DIY way to make nesting boxes!

Step 1: Acquire Boxes.

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This is my second instructable so forgive my errors. Okay, hear I go. They say necessity is the mother of inventions. This is definitely the case with me. I wanted to make nesting boxes for our flock of 27 , and instead of making wooden ones,( which would take a lot of time) I saw a thing somewhere about using 5 gallon buckets. I thought it would be better to use these instead. They are square instead of round and the come with lids already on them I got mine from TSC (tractor supply company) Actually my mom bought them for the dog food. I saw them empty and got the idea for nesting boxes.

Step 2: Install

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This is all you have to do. 1. Pick where you want it. 2. Get four screws ( you pick the size) 3. take you screw gun and screw them into the wall. I put one in each corner. 4. Bingo!!! Your done! Just fill with sawdust or straw, which ever you prefer and your happy hens can start laying!


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