Cheap Comfortable Fangs





Introduction: Cheap Comfortable Fangs

I can never find plastic fangs that fit my mouth properly. Here's a way to make inexpensive plastic fangs that fit your teeth and stay put.

Note: Not recommended for small children. Since these are individual fangs, rather than a full set, they are potentially a choking hazard.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need...
- low-temperature thermoplastic (a.k.a. "friendly plastic", Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, UHMWPE). Should be able to find it at a craft store.
- denture adhesive
- a glass container
- hot (nearly boiling) water

Step 2: Melt Some Plastic

This plastic melts at about 150F. Put some in hot water and wait for it to soften. It turns transparent when melted.

Step 3: Make a Fang Shape

Take a blob of plastic and shape it into a rough fang shape. Don't worry too much about the exact shape yet. You can shape it better once it's in place.

Step 4: Fitting

Shove the blob onto one of your canines and shape it to blend in with your other teeth.

If it doesn't come out to your liking, re-melt it and start over.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Remove the fang from your mouth and let it cool. It'll turn opaque when it returns to room temperature.

You should now have a plastic fang that fits your mouth perfectly. A small amount of denture adhesive will hold it in place.



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    Thank you for showing me!! I love ❤️ Twilight saga!! All of them ❤️❤️❤️

    hii, to get these off of your teeth do you just pull them off?

    Honest-to-God i cannot find this crap anywhere except the internet. any ideas?

    I'm pretty sure the "boil-and-bite" mouth guards in sporting goods stores are made of the same sort of plastic. Might be worth a look. A lot of the stuff you find in craft stores is in strips instead of pellets. Usually with the beads and costume jewelry supplies.

    You know how u buy the single fangs at the store with the caps and stuff how do u boil them????

    I found it in a theatrical supply store in college, and I've seen it at the occasional craft store.

    Where do you buy the materials?

    LOL i don't need these but still for u mortals it might look cool that's why i'm saying that
    This is E.P.I.C. for:
    E xcelent
    P leasent
    I ncredible
    C ool/N/awesome