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So, you see... your basic raw materials are.

For the Hilt:

3/4 Pvc tube
Metal/Plastic pipe
Whatever extras you want to put in.

And for the blade:

11 Bright leds will give you a good 40cm Blade. 20 Bright leds should give you a nice 80cm one

** You can buy Leds in Bulk easily. 100 leds shouldnt cost you more than $10. You can buy those really "extra powerfull" ones for $1 each if you want.

3 AA batteries are enough. But 4 AA Batteries or a 9v Battery (or 2) can lead you a long way.

If you buy one of these real simple Korean replicas, you can mod your way trough them and make something worth to bring to your homve movies and convetions. I assure you.

These toys range from $4 to $10 at most. Anything over that should be a ripoff.

The mod i used here allow me to do some really strong swinging with no problems and some weak beating too. Try not to hit it too hard. But there is no objections to clashing your saber onto another!

Either way, you can pull a Custom Lightsaber as low as $10 (or lower!) and a really great custom one as low as $30. Full with powerfull light, sound and usable for battle and movies!

aqwiz6 years ago
Hey, I have the solution to your color change issue, the problem is that the L.E.D.s are emitting a single wavelength of light, (blue) white light can be put through color filters to change it entirely, so if you have the time buy an LED flashlight remove those LEDs and use them with your colored film. the color filters filter out all but the desired wavelength of light, so if the LEDs are white (containing almost all colors) the residual purple/blue/green light will still show through after you have filtered out all other colors, with blue light there are no other colors to filter out.