Cheap DIY Projector screen for under $30

This is a 16:9 ratio projector screen 100" Perfict for a basement game room,home Theater,computer monitor,(ect). This Project will run you $30 - $40 depending if the blackout cloth is on sale.

So here's the list of materals
  • Lath wood $7.99 (10) sheets
  • black Spray Paint $.98
  • Circular Sander drill attachment $4.00 "do not do this by hand you will kill your self"
  • Staple gun or get staples for it staple gun $14.99 or Staples $1.99
  • Nails "I used finishing nails for the whole project"
  • Blackout cloth $5.99 "i got it for $2.99 on sale and my mom works their so i got a discount"
  • tacks "These are great when you are stretching the cloth over the first layer of lath to eliminate wrinkles"
  • saw "hand saw will work'
  • level
** Note all item can be bought at lows, except the blackout cloth and tacks they were bought at
Jo anns

Step 1: Sketching on the Wall

For this step you will need a level and pencil.

This is kinda a two man Project, so grab a friend, family member, or you can try to do it by yourself i did but it will take longer.

What you need to do is find where the bottom of the screen is going to be and go 87" across the bottom (MAKE SURE ITS LEVEL) the do you vertical line which is going to be 49" (AGAIN MAKE SURE ITS LEVEL AND IS EXACTLY 90 DEGREES TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE ) This will be your screen size .

Can I use vinyl flex material as screen material? Pl comment.
I am apparently missing a few things. What did you use for the white screen? oor is that the back of the blackout cloth?
What did you use for the white screen? Was it the wood itself?
blackout cloth
Good job on this. I've installed many full home A/V systems and one of the more popular trends that a lot of owners are going to is a wall painted with screen paint. It can range from $50-$500 a gallon depending on what your looking for in the screen, Some of the paint even has fine ground quartz sand mixed into it so that when dried the crystal of the sand reflects the colors more vividly. <br> <br>Your can do a search on Google for &quot;Home theater screen paint&quot; and it will come up with the different manufactures of the paint. You can also do a search for &quot;Projection screen paint&quot; on Ebay.
My wife and I are looking into doing the same project. My mother-in-law goes to goodwill all the time and gives us these really big picture frames with glass. Instead of hurting her feelings and throwing them out, i was wondering that since the glass is a very flat surface with no imperfections. Can't I just paint over that with behr silver screen paint?........any feedback would be great <br><br><br>Thanks
I beleve its worth a shot let me know of the results.
Safety.<br><br>Your really shouldn't be doing this in bare feet.<br><br>Cool project. Congrats.
How well did the curtain backing material reflect your projector's light?<br>And can you post some images of it in use?
Honestly, I don't quiet understand your instructions. Is it a white lath wood already? Which step do you spray the paint? But thanks anyway for sharing.<br />
i sanded and then i painted srry will fix later at school now

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