Introduction: Cheap DIY Christmas Laser Light Show ~$16

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When I mean cheap, these laser projectors are cheap. I bought 4 because the reviews say you'll need spare parts. I got 2 duds. The green laser doesn't work on one and the other's motor already went. Not a big deal considering people are spending considerably more and having the same issue of one of the lasers not working.

Step 1: What You Need

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LED Mini Stage Light Laser Voice Control Projector Party Stage Bar Pub Club

Sterilite 2.5 -Qt. Flip-Top Box

Dowels. I had some scrap square dowels laying around.

Zip ties.


Power strip.

Plastic container big enough for power strip.

Step 2: Remove Top Adjustable Mount

Picture of Remove Top Adjustable Mount

Remove the top adjustable mount. Cut the dowel to fit in the mount. Screw it to the mount.

Step 3: Cut Mount for Laser Projector

Picture of Cut Mount for Laser Projector

Cut a piece that fits in the container to mount the projector to. Drill holes for zip ties. Screw it to the the top mount as shown.

Step 4: Mount Laser Projector

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Mount the laser project with zip ties. Laser should be flush to inside wall.

Step 5: Vent Holes

Picture of Vent Holes

Drill holes in the bottom for venting and power adapter. I did them at the back because these things will be tilted up. If water does happen to get inside, it should drain.

Step 6: Add Stake

Picture of Add Stake

Cut stake. Screw to mount as shown.

Step 7: Powering It

Picture of Powering It

I had an outdoor power strip with a stake. I cut a hole in a plastic container for the plugs and stake.

Step 8: Adjust Motor Speed Done

Picture of Adjust Motor Speed Done

I made three. I ran out of wood so I attached a plastic rod that I found. Set the motor speed to your liking. Zip tie shut, nice and tight. Done!

YouTube vid!

Step 9: ***Bonus - Camera Tripod

Picture of ***Bonus - Camera Tripod

Comes with a little bendable tripod that fits cameras. Not bendy enough to attach to things like what a gorillapod does, but it is useful.


travisma (author)2015-12-14

I bought 2 of these projectors from Amazon, but paid a whopping $15.07 each because the $14.99 ones were out of stock. I haven't built the boxes yet but tried them out inside. They are 2 different motorized patterns.

hailster made it! (author)2015-12-13

I just made this and it turned out pretty good. I used a storage tote that I found at the Dollar Tree, it is bigger than what is in this Instructable but I figured that this would allow me to fully put the power supply into the tote to keep it dry. I ran an extension cord through the bottom and then used duct tape to plug the hole. Since I live in WI I didn't worry about putting ventalation holes in the bottom since it should be cool enough outside to keep the laser unit cool. I didn't use the laser's bracket on the bottom of the storage tote but instead just put a 2x2 on the bottom that I cut into a stake.

The final picture doesn't do it justice, the lights from the other decorations messed with the camera, this covered most of the front of my house. I didn't want it to go into the bay window so I have it positioned to go to the left of that window and it covers the rest of the house.

Cakegr (author)2015-12-10

I really like this but were can I get the lasers from? Are they $16 for each laser?

lowerjerzey (author)Cakegr2015-12-10

You can get the laser projectors for around $14 and the plastic containers are $2. I put a link in step 1 to the cheapest laser projector on amazon which is what I bought. Or, just google "mini laser stage lighting". They're all cheap, generic and the same product. If you don't have scrap wood to use, the square wood dowels are $1 - $2 for 3 ft. at home depot. The lasers are not waterproof so I stuck them and the power adapter in the plastic containers and reused the ceiling mount as an adjustable base. I would not call them waterproof, but water resistant. More could be done to waterproof, but me personally, I am not too concerned. So far, they survived a rain. A heavy, windy, storm would probably be trouble, but I still think they have a very good chance as long as they stay upright.

skingsmill (author)2015-12-09

I really like this idea and would love to try it. Is the device you linked to only for Europe plugs? I couldn't find a definitive answer on amazon.

lowerjerzey made it! (author)skingsmill2015-12-09

It's US. I thought the same thing but figured it's amazon US not UK.

skingsmill (author)lowerjerzey2015-12-09

You're good people. Thanks for taking a picture and for the quick reply. Just ordered it, now off to the store to get a container. Merry Christmas. ?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-09

That sure beats hanging a bunch of lights by hand.

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