Cheap D.I.Y Disk Sander


Introduction: Cheap D.I.Y Disk Sander

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This is a really cheap disk sander I made for ...well duh sanding!!! I made it from an old Black and Decker drill and some scrap pine boards. The drill is simply held to the table with a u bolt and it has a small rest to put the thing your working on. The cowling is made from pine boards that were lying around. The disk it self was bought a a hardware store (RONA) a long time ago but you can still get them pretty much anywhere. The trigger on the drill is held on the right spot with zipties I just plugged it into a power bar and use that as the switch. The dust collection system is some old central vacuum pipe fastened under the work bench running to both the sander and the vice. The shop vac is a 45 liter one so im not to worried about it filling up to quick. Thanks for reading!!! Hope this was useful!!! All comments are welcome!! Also I am entering this in the woodworking contest please vote for me if you like it.!!:)



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Note that the first video shows the second prototype and the second video shows the third prototype.

Very nice idea, I have that exact drill (except in SAE size, 3/8") they're very good drills overall.

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Thanks!!They are, I also have the older model of that drill and it still runs like a charm both very powerful drills!! Although a bit noisy!!

As a safety improvement, I'd raise the working surface so that you pressed the piece you're sanding against a surface moving downwards, pressing the piece into the working surface, rather than pushing it sideways.

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I think I will do that I also noticed that every time I press into it it gets more and more off balance!! Thanks for the idea!!

Awesome thanks again!! Im updating this later with new pics and everything I made a miter gauge higher table and a front for it!! Thanks for the help and the page!!

I could only make the table a bit higher though because it is such a small disk but the miter gauge halps me to hold on!!! LOL :)