Cheap DIY LASER ALARM - Multi Functional!


Introduction: Cheap DIY LASER ALARM - Multi Functional!

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Hello peepz, I created a little laser alarm from a laser Emitter and a Laser receiver.

I used the ky-008 laser and the laser receiver i used is called ky-008-2 on my website.

Officially it is not called ky-008-2 but any receiver will do.

This device is multi functional, i left some ideas in the code.

Check the next step for the schematic and code.

The code is just a basic code but from here you can build many cool stuff.

So with the code you got the basics.

Step 1: The Schematic, Parts List and Code.

Just wire it up like the schematic and it should work after uploading the code.

Parts list:

  1. Arduino Uno, (I used a copy which has 7 analog pins, a quality new model from 2016 called RobotDyn Uno.)
  2. 1 Channel relay ky-019
  3. Laser Sender ky-008
  4. Laser receiver ky-008-2 (i used ky-008-2 on my website as product code, i dont know the official code)
  5. buzzer
  6. 7 color led ky-034
  7. A set of Jumper wires. MM / FF / FM
  8. A power cable and a lamp fitting + lamp connected to the relay (optional)


Create something cool and show me in the comments!



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