Don't these look amazing? I'm totally loving these rock aka biker jewelry....It jazzes up almost any clothing!
And it's sooooo easy and cheap! cheap being the bottom line! :-)

What's more??? You would be recycling...all those useless bike inner tube will sure love their new home of glory :-D  The only thing I had to buy were the cheap chains and the hardware for the earrings!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

What do you need??
Bike inner tube ( I used a small tube which I had around...I saved it up...cause I knew there would be some use for it!)
and jewelry hardware
perhaps some ideas on what you want?? surf the net...etsy has some great collections
Looks good. Btw, if you don't have drills or bits you can 1. use scissors to make little diamond cuts by folding the tube & little right angle snips, or 2. use different sized paper punches. Very nice use of an icky old piece of rubber.
yes...punchers and scissors will make great designs :-)
I just wanted to know if these have that rubber smell or if you cleaned them with something special to reduce the smell. <br> <br>Thank you, <br>Tammy
Well there was no smell...but anyway I washed it well with dishwasher liquid. If there were any grease it would have washed away! :-)
Beautiful! looks very good against the bright red. <br>If you look for more inspiration on inner tube ideas, please visit my website: www.ruudvankoningsbrugge.nl. The menu shows lots of innertube works from the 7th-16th item. Have fun!
oh...i just checked your stuff! you doooo have some instructables :-) <br>I like the one with man on a bicycle in your site a lot! hint hint
Here is your hint,hint.<br>Good news: the bicycle man is now available as instructable. check &quot;cycling tyre&quot;. Bad news: we are in the same (bike)contest. Good luck to you!
Oh Thank You soooo much! I love those :-) <br>True...we'll be competing with each other! hmm hmmm hmmm <br>But I'll vote for you anyway ;-) you deserve it! <br>besides...I'll be happy with second prize (haha...counting chicks before they hatch huh?) <br>hope to see more and more! good luck
Of course I voted for you!<br>Here in holland we &quot;sell the skin, before we shot the bear&quot;<br>(and we are good at it...;-)<br>good luck to you to
wow! that's some amazing work! would we see some tutorials in future??? the figures look like sure winners to me ;-D
Looks great! <br> <br>Also, one Instructable three contests. Awesome.
Thanks! it's also eligible for the green contest! isn't that like super? :-)
very good
Thank you :-D
wow! they look sooooo cool!
Thanks! :-)
Awesome! cant wait to make some of these for my daughters! btw, theres no link to vote for you :( are u sure u entered it in the contests?
Thanks loads! yes...I entered this for the 3 mentioned contest above...but as i just did it only the jewelry contest tab is there in the vote link....yes..it just came ;-) <br>please come back and vote for the 3 contests...I really appreciate it! <br>Also if you need help designing more patterns....send me a private mail...I'll get back to you with some cool designs either from online or designed by me. <br>good luck!

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