Picture of Cheap DIY childs Playset tube/Tunnel
If you have ever priced a Play set tunnel, you know they are $500 + minimum.
I constructed this for about $20! 
Parts List:
10-  1"- 1/4" bolts
10- 1/4"  lock nuts
20 -  Washers
2- 55 gal plastic barrels (be cautios of former contents.  find food grade, or soap)
Mounting hardware: I used a spare swing, and lag bolts and washers.

1/4' drill bit
ratchet and wrench
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Step 1: Barrel Prep

Drill a pilot hole in the top.
Use the jigsaw to carefully cut along the inside rim.
Clean up the edge with sand drum on a drill or dremel, or an angle grinder .

Repeat with the second barrel. 
Sorry for the lack of picture on this step, I did this some time ago.

Next do the same to the bottom.  Be sure to leave about 1" around the edge to bolt together. 
I used a screw and a sting  as a compass from center. 
Sand these edges very well so kids don't get scratched.

Step 2: Barrel attachment

Picture of Barrel attachment
by evenly spacing them but figured out fast that the bottoms are not evenly flat due to hand indentations.  So I had to get a few to line up first. 
Now the fun part, (hope your not claustrophobic) Crawl in and and bolt those holes together .
 Then drill and bolt the rest of the holes.

Step 3: Mounting

Picture of Mounting
You will have to adjust the placement of your towers to fit the length of the barrels.
Next build a truss to hang it on.  I went heavy duty with double 2x6 laminated with hangers to double 2x6 headers.  I also boxed in both ends of the barrel end and lag bolted them to the tower.  I used a spare swing to add support to the center. 

I've had large kids in it without even bending. 
carlos66ba2 years ago
Very nice! You are an awesome dad!
audioguy666 (author)  carlos66ba2 years ago
I try , thanks.