Picture of Cheap DIY loupe for Low Vision patients
This is a low vision reading loupe. Easy and cheap DIY loupe.
People with low vision, need something to magnify the letters to be able to read it.
With this, all you have to do is place it over the text and read.

You need:

A lightbulb.
Epoxy putty.

PD: English is not my native language, sorry. 

Step 1: Saw the bottom of the lightbulb

Picture of Saw the bottom of the lightbulb

Remember to wear protective gloves and glasses!!!

sfcsarah5 years ago
haha, cool. Where did you get epoxy putty though?

Secondly, no matter how hard you try, isn't it likely that there will be a few small air bubbles? How did you ensure that there are none?

ArHaus (author)  sfcsarah5 years ago
Hello, epoxy putty get hard even under water, so I thought it was the right stuff to close the lightbulb.

Is hard to take all the air, I fill it with water and do the close underwater. There is no problem putting the epoxy putty under the water. Once I have it close, I take it out and let it dry. 

Thank you for your comment,