Picture of Cheap Dinosaur Skeleton Costume
Inspired by another Instructable, i was pretty sure i could do something similar but more in my price range. There was a pretty steep learning curve but i think it turned out great.

Materials needed:
toy dinosaur skeleton model
projector (I made mine and i'll show you how i did it)
foam board
duct tape
paint stir sticks
framed back pack
yard stick
some nuts and bolts
2 ping pong balls
hot glue gun
craft sticks
spray paint
LED "tea lights"
box knife
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Step 1: Scale Up The Model

Picture of Scale Up The Model
Once you've picked out your dinosaur model (found mine about to be tossed in the trash but I've seen them at craft stores or online), you'll need to make it bigger.

Put the disassembled pieces of dinosaur skeleton on a projector and project it onto a wall to the desired size. I wanted mine to be able to fit through a regular doorway so i started with the widest piece, a rib. I didn't have a projector so i used the LED light on my phone and built the cardboard contraption seen above. It barely held together and the projection was blurry but it DID allow me to scale all the pieces the same.

Trace the shapes onto cardboard or foam board using a pencil (sharpie bleeds through paint). I had stashed some cardboard back for this project but it had gotten pretty battered and i eventually had to trash it for crisp new cardboard. i got large packing boxes at lowes for $1.60 each. Foam board is even stronger but at $1 a sheet it was more than i was willing to spend for EVERY bone and chose to only use it for structural areas. But if you can afford it i recommend using it.

Areas that i recommend using foam board over cardboard: hip bones, thigh, and neck. Although there are plenty of places i used scrap foam to reinforce the cardboard.

cut them out with a box cutter. Mark the slits where the cardboard connects but dont cut them yet.
This is smart!!!
action pig1 year ago
This is some excellent stuff!
Mielameri1 year ago
Looks great! And very cleverly done :)
Kiteman1 year ago
Oh, great job!

Love the ghetto projector!
Partybot1 year ago
You're a great Maker. Adapting an expensive design into one that stays in budget is something I struggle with. You did a great job without sacrificing the final effect. Good job
bwh131 year ago
Sweet costume! Excellent DIY projector: just solid enough to get the job done
That is really cool!