This Instructable may be the easiest way to give your dog a treat for the Holidays.

Step 1: Get Really Bored

In the dark of the winter season, time starts to slow down. We just finished with the Christmas season: spending time with family, and giving thanks to Jesus Christ our Lord.

After several dollars were spent on our boxer "Willie"; he obliterated $10 toys in 15 minutes. Then my wife got bored and Willie started playing with a water bottle.

Step 2: Put a Bottle in a Sock

Put the bottle in the sock & tie the end. Enough said.

Step 3: Have Cheap Fun!

Cool idea, but mostly you have a gorgeous boxer. I lost the love of my life last April. Brings tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing.
<p>Boxers RULE !!!</p>
<p>my dog does that too he destroy all his toys particular the balls so great idea !</p>
<p>Thanks for the great idea! My dog destroys every toy as well. Definitely going to do this!</p>
fantastic idea I love it
yay! and no huge fuzzy mess to pick up afterwards!
Gonna make this for my dog Snuggles (:
It is not recommended to use household items for dog toys. Most don't know the difference between the sock you give them and your favorite pair of still usable socks.
That's a great idea! I have a husky/german shepherd cross that destroys every toy I give him in minutes...I will definitely be trying this. Thanks!
Fantastic idea!
This is a great idea! :D

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