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Introduction: Cheap Doggie Fountain

Russell being a rescue loves "found" water. He'd rather lick splashes off the floor or off the shower door rather than drink from his water bowl. Do you know how disconcerting it is to be taking a shower and see a tongue on the shower door? Something had to be done. This was a cheap easy quick build, my favorite kind. Materials: Small submersible pump -$9.99 Harbor Freight. Plastic chip bowl - $1.00 Dollar Tree Plastic funnels - $1.00 Dollar Tree Hot glue gun Water

Step 1:

Glue pump to bottom of bowl with glue gun.

Step 2:

Cut hole in top edge of largest funnel large enough for pump cord and inlet of water.

Step 3:

Run pump outlet hose through funnel.

Step 4:

Glue funnel over pump on bottom of bowl.

Step 5:

Place 2nd largest funnel on top of large funnel to determine length of hose and trim.

Step 6:

Hot glue funnels together with hose centered.

Step 7:

Carefully use hot glue to seal area around hose to ensure upper funnel will fill and not leak back down the center.

Step 8:

I put some notches in the top edge of the upper funnel to help with water flow.

Step 9:

fill with water and plug in.



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    I love it. Should try to make an out door dog watering dish here soon

    i would suggest replacing the hot glue with caulking, i found out the hard way on an RC boat that i was making, hot glue tends to come unglued in water. Other than that, this is great, i might have to make one for my cats

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    Thanks, that's a great tip.

    They came in a 3 pack and when I took the picture I wasn't sure which 2 I was going to use. the 3rd funnel ended-up in the garage, used to put oil in my truck. :)
    Thanks for the comment and reading my instructional.