Cheap Drill Press DIY





Introduction: Cheap Drill Press DIY

I decided to build a drill press for 12$.

I have mostly used design by Izzy Swan he have pretty good build videos: His YouTube Channel

Here You can see the video of my final product :

Now I can drill bunch of 90deg holes.. but why?

Thank you,

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1.Use your old corded drill or buy the cheapest one:

Example HF coupon for 12$ Drill: coupon

2. hose clamp

3. Scrap wood

4. Wood Screws


1.Table Saw (Can be done with a any saw, but have to changed little bit).

2. Drill.

3.Safety Glasses.

Step 2: Aseembly

Create a slide by sandwiching wood pieces together.

Use paper as a shims between the wood.

Wax the sliding surfaces.

Step 3: Assebbly

Secure the drill into the sliding carriage.

Take a square and make sure that the drill bit is 90deg to the surface. Use wedges if needed.

Add Handle and a spring to allow better pushing and returning.



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    All to vague to be of any use

    Hello you can clarify complementing your project, such as holding the drill. Since in all three phases you have here, no clarifies

    thanks. you've been very helpful with your photos and description plus the link to the video. til the next project then.

    It looks good but there aren't any real instructions to follow and it looks quite complicated.

    1 reply

    Thank you,

    The reals instructions are:

    You need to take a look at your drill..make a holder for it.

    You need to buy/make sliding mechanism.

    Attach them together :)

    Its pretty easy to make.. hard part is to alight it and also make it stable.

    Thank you,

    Its not as good a store bough drill press .. but than i good enough .:)