Introduction: Cheap Drums

Drums with good sound and less then $5

Step 1: Get These Materials

2 12oz soda cans (opened)
2- 44 oz foam cups

2- 12oz Gatorade bottles

Shipping tape

Step 2: How It Is Made

Place each of the 3 of the different cups together and make sure the ends meet.

Step 3: How It Is Made

place tape down to where the sticky side is facing out.

Step 4: How It Is Made.

Place the 3 cups on the tape

Step 5: How It Is Made

Wrap the tape around the cups.

Step 6: How It Is Made.

Repeat process for the other 3 cups.

Step 7: How It Is Made

Wrap all the cups together to make sure they stick together.


wold630 (author)2016-03-28

Very inventive!

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