Step 4: Time to get Glassy

Picture of Time to get Glassy
Fiberglass application with chopped strand mat is pretty easy, but it can get kinda messy if you aren't at least a little bit careful 
For now, we will just apply a relatively thin shell of fiberglass to the outside. We'll then remove the cardboard from the inside, and build up thickness on the inside of the box [so that it still fits where you intended it to go]

A few suggestions -

1. Don't touch the resin with bare hands [if you do you can remove it with acetone, but best to avoid touching it] some people will wear gloves. I prefer the dexterity of glove-less hands, and think that rubber gloves are wasteful, so I just avoid touching the resin - if you use a chip brush, it isnt that difficult to keep your hands clean of the sticky stuff.

2. Take your time - mix up small batches of resin until you have a better idea of how much you'll need [there is nothing worse in my opinion that having a half cup of resin harden in the cup - haste makes waste, and I hate wasting stuff]

3. Put down some cardboard or newspaper to catch drips

4. Read the directions on the resin for mix ratios - if you have a scale capable of weighing ounces, it will help your proportions be more accurate