Picture of Cheap Easy Good Airsoft Gun
This is an Airsoft gun made out of a cap gun. It costs less than $3.00,  shoots about 20-30 feet, and takes less than 10 minutes to make. ** Sorry for the bad Pictures**
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

- Cap Gun
-Airsoft BBs
-Caps(Not pictured)
-Duct Tape
-Toothpick(Not Pictured)

Step 2: Removing The Cap

Picture of Removing The Cap
Remove the cap off the barrel of the cap gun(usually orange). Most of the time, like my gun it will just slide off. If not, cut it off with a knife or something.

Step 3: Cut Duct Tape Strips

Picture of Cut Duct Tape Strips
Cut the duct tape into thin strips about 3/4" long. Cut as many as there are holes for the BBs.

Step 4: Inserting The Strips

Picture of Inserting The Strips
Insert the duct tape strips into the holes and press flat against the side with the toothpick. Cut off the extra tape that sticks out of the hole. **This Step Can Be Skipped, But your bullets will not stay in the gun if you tilt it**

Step 5: Loading the ammo

Picture of Loading the ammo
The BBs go right into each hole. Put them in and push them down with the toothpick.

Step 6: Using The Gun

Picture of Using The Gun
Just Put the caps on and shoot! It goes an average of 20-30 ft and it will leave a welt from up close.
zglynn3 years ago
hey i found this cap uzi plz try makin a air soft gun wit dis
I'm surprised you are getting any flight at all. I really didn't think caps had that much power in them.

I might have to try this.
hobbitboy4 years ago
i made 10 of these and yuse them for a last stand weopon along with my nerf sword!