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I just got a bench top planer but I am without a bench. As the planer is very heavy and I don't want to kill myself every time I go to use it I decided to place it on rollers. The easiest and most economical solution I came up with was using a small moving dolly that I got for $6, a piece of 2x4 from a pallet and several bolts. This also made unpacking it very easy for me to do alone.

Step 1: Flip the Planer Upside Down

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Step 2: Check the Fit

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Step 3:

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Measure the base of the planer then cut the 2x4 to length and then lay it out and clamp it.

Step 4:

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Once flipped remove clamps and apply bolts and you can use the clamps as breaks. Is this as good as bolting it to a bench and having appropriate height extensions, of course not but a cheap solution for a cheap planer.


epiphanyww (author)2017-08-07

Brilliant idea. I've been thinking of something very similar for a while now, just have to get a planer first. Well done.

Swansong (author)2017-08-07

That's a neat simple fix :)

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