Picture of Cheap Easy Sew Pants
I love t-shirt reconstruction.  This tutorial will show you how to make cute shorts that can be any length for about $2.50, and you do not have to be a master at sewing - I'm sure not.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need a shirt, I am using an extra large craft one that I bought for 1.99 at Michael's craft store.  

You will also need a sewing machine or needle and thread, I like using a sewing machine though.



And extra material is optional.  

Lay your shirt out flat to start.
masterbuilder7 months ago

Can you explain what you mean by the "safety pin technique?"

She means you could tie up the draw string to a safety pin or just stab the pin to the end of the string and use it as a guide to drive the string through the waist band. Sort of a oversized needle LOL. Hope it helps and sorry for my bad english.

masterbuilder made it!7 months ago

I don't have a machine, so I sewed these entirely by hand! Took about 7 hours. I wish I had tapered the legs in a bit, so they aren't so boxy.

lucidpsycho9 months ago
try using the sleeves as pockets.
lgains1 year ago
gonna try this tonight :-)
Logan70324 years ago
I Love these! can't wait to try a pair!! Thank you :o)
enji4 years ago
ooooh goooooooood tnx
carlyjcais4 years ago
Very creative use of a t-shirt! LOVE!
Great job! i need to trry this!
wrokgoddess5 years ago
Yes good job...I am gonna try this for my daughter that is 9 and myself... Thanks!!! :)
tesla94 (author) 5 years ago
I tried to make basketball shorts as my second pair, I am not sure if they are very manly though.  I was aiming for manly.  I just made the 'u' shape much deeper to make the waist line higher, and the pant legs shorter.  I think that a larger shirt may have been in order to give the extra room that basketball shorts give.  But taking away the girly waist band was at least a start.

Thanks so much everyone!
meismeems5 years ago
Excellent! Now I know what to do with all my old t-shirts! Well done!
imrobot5 years ago
cool! is there any way to make a more *ahem* manly version for guys?
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Very clever!
If you make another pair, some additional photos in step 4 would be VERY helpful.