Step 9: Rolling

Because of the material you should easily be able to roll it up to whatever length you want.

I think these would make great yoga or sleeping pants, they're super comfortable. 
<p>Can you explain what you mean by the &quot;safety pin technique?&quot;</p>
<p>She means you could tie up the draw string to a safety pin or just stab the pin to the end of the string and use it as a guide to drive the string through the waist band. Sort of a oversized needle LOL. Hope it helps and sorry for my bad english.</p>
<p>I don't have a machine, so I sewed these entirely by hand! Took about 7 hours. I wish I had tapered the legs in a bit, so they aren't so boxy.</p>
try using the sleeves as pockets.
gonna try this tonight :-)
I Love these! can't wait to try a pair!! Thank you :o)
ooooh goooooooood tnx
Very creative use of a t-shirt! LOVE!<br>xoxo<br>Carly
Great job! i need to trry this!
Yes good job...I am gonna try this for my daughter that is 9 and myself... Thanks!!! :)
I tried to make basketball shorts as my second pair, I am not sure if they are very manly though. &nbsp;I was aiming for manly. &nbsp;I just made the 'u' shape much deeper to make the waist line higher, and the pant legs shorter. &nbsp;I think that a larger shirt may have been in order to give the extra room that basketball shorts give. &nbsp;But taking away the girly waist band was at least a start.<br /> <br /> Thanks so much everyone!<br />
Excellent! Now I know what to do with all my old t-shirts! Well done!<br />
cool! is there any way to make a more <small>*ahem* <big>manly version for guys?</big></small><br />
Very clever!<br /> If you make another pair, some additional photos in step 4 would be VERY&nbsp;helpful. &nbsp;<br />

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