Step 7: Bungee Cords

A couple mini bungee cords are used to keep the Shield in place and from blowing around in the wind.  The bungee cords should be just barely taut.  They will stretch a bit over time.

Attach the other end of the bungee cord to a screw eye.

I had to crimp the hooks on the bungee cord a little bit to keep them from coming free too easily, especially after they stretch.  I want mine to come free for when I hang the Shield horizontally in the winter -- we want the sun then!

So I added a couple more screw eyes to the back wall which allows me to swing the shield up and out of the way in winter and when we have a storm or very windy day.  You'll have to check out how you can best "store" the Shield out of the way.  (Maybe you have some better ideas.)
Great Project!!! I can see this made into a series of roll-up shades attached to the underside of a house overhang. Coupled with using light gray or if available a white shingle on the roof and attic active attic ventilation, day time overheating of the house can be substantially reduced. Lowering A/C costs.
Looks great! I used white outdoor blinds for my front porch. I like that yours don't block the view. Does that material let the air through? The blinds do. They cost about the same....$20 for a 9ft wide x 6ft, and $15 for a 6ft wide by 6ft blind. I just hung 10 cup hooks and they were up in about ten minutes.
Blinds sounds great. Take a pic and make an Instructable! (You kinda already did in your message, but it's not searchable.) The real power of these Instructables comes from sharing ideas.<br><br>The screen can let air through, but probably not much. In my application air flow doesn't really matter: there's plenty of free space around it. I put my Shield in the optimum place determined by the path of the afternoon sun for the hot months of the year.

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