How to make a hat really easily in 5 minutes.

All you need is:
An old scarf or some cloth shaped roughly like a scarf
A paper clip (or 2)
And a metal file

Step 1:

Un-bend paper clip so it has 2 hooks on either side.
<p>I keep seeing part of a ninja costume, nice!&nbsp; Naruto FTW!&nbsp; \o/</p>
I do this with my scarves because I don't have any winter hats. I've never thought to clip them, though. :)
Looks like a niqab... Look it up on wikipedia I had to find out the name of it but we have all seen it.
Ya, kindof it helps that you can just pull down the mouth covering. I made it with the intention of kepping snow powder from getting blown into my face. thanks for the feedback.

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