Cheap Flamethrower With Shawinigan Carbide and Water As Fuel


Introduction: Cheap Flamethrower With Shawinigan Carbide and Water As Fuel

I am not responsible if you f@#k up and detonate yourself. You build this thing and you inherit all risk and responsibility that this potential hazard to your existence and freedom carry with it. I am a trained professional. Ironworker +  touched head =  neat shit gonna happen.

This was a creation that started when I found an old can of calcium carbide in my grandfather's garage. After learning that its purpose was to produce acetylene gas when water was introduced. Typically used in a gas generator style mining lamps. I started having fun with a two liter bottle that had a small hole in the cap. This was neat but : " DAME MAS FUEGO " !   ('Bout all the spanglish I know.) I guess bein' dangerous by nature we figgered if we were to go out in flames, might as well be a decent  ka-boom with accompanied mushroom cloud. 

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

You will need : 
1- Storage Tank  = from a reverse osmosis water filtration system
1- Air Hose = relieved my old compressor of its air hose
1- Pressure Wand = the kind that attaches to your garden hose
1- Flow Check Valve = also from the filtration system
You will also need various brass fittings to connect everything

Step 2: Prep and Assemble Your Components

Remove the fitting that connects garden hose to pressure wand.
Attach wand to flow check valve with flow direction toward wand.
Attach hose to opposite end of check valve.
Attach hose to storage tank.
Remove bladder from storage tank and fill tank 2/3 with water.
Reinsert bladder.

Step 3: Carbide Time

Add about half a cup of carbide to bladder .
About a cup of H2o into bladder and cap the tank quickly as the reaction is instant.
After tightly capping the tank give it a shake or two to mix carbide and water.
This in now building pressure inside tank due to the production of acetylene gas thru the carbide- water reaction.
We let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Step 4: Burn Time Baby !



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