Introduction: Cheap Foam Roller Fix

I have a cheap foam paint roller that comes in handy for certain jobs. The roller has a tiny hole through it that slides over a plastic spindle. A wider nubbin at the end with a split in it allows the roller to slide on, then keeps it from sliding off. Or at least that's the way it's supposed to work. The problem is, almost immediately the roller slides back onto the nubbin and quits rolling. Now you're just smearing paint around.

I found a cheap and easy way to prevent this. At the end, I'll show you an even easier way.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need

For this instructable you'll need:

Cheap foam paint roller

Used gift card or expired credit card (you don't throw those away, do you?)

Hole punch

Scissors stout enough to cut the gift card

Step 2: What to Do

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  1. Punch a hole in a corner of the card.
  2. Cut out that corner with the hole in it.
  3. Cut corners to round out the square.
  4. Cut from the edge to the hole.
  5. Slip your newly made "C clip" onto the end of the roller.
  6. Paint!

Step 3: Easier Fix

Picture of Easier Fix

After I did this I found a easier way to do this.

Get one of those plastic clips you find on bread or carrot bags instead of twist ties. Slip it over the end of the roller. you may have to cut some off to keep it from dragging in you paint.

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