Cheap/ Free Flints for Zippos and Zippo Styled Lighters





Introduction: Cheap/ Free Flints for Zippos and Zippo Styled Lighters

About: Way she works

Why buy flints for your Zippos , here's a trick that can save you from buying flints and easily get them cheap or even free.

-Empty Bic Lighter

It's not to uncommon to see empty bic lighters on the ground all over the place. Snag em, for one thing you are pickin up litter so good on you and you are savin money on flints, all round good deal.

Step 1: Startin

Start by removing the top section of the bic then pull off the flint wheel, be careful the flint stick is spring loaded and she will fly out if you aren't careful.

Then you will have to chop the flint in half with a small saw blade so that It is no longer too long to install.

Step 2: Finishin

Pop the insert out of your Zippo and pull out the flint screw/follower setup and insert your free flint and she's done, fill er up and light.

BTW I don't smoke, just like Zippos

Good luck, hope she helped!



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    I forgot to put picture of lighter ! Its not Bic It´s "Colt" lighter common too.


    My wife uses disposable lighters and I save every flint ! After the gas has ended there is plenty of flint left ! Besides original zippo flints doesnt work aswell as these. In factory they put oversize flints to these desposable lighters because they want the flint to outlast the gas ! (what is nice) I could by new zippo every now and then but why...

    Lol hey she does the job for the kids out there who are too dumb to buy em. I like to use the zippo ones too I just made er for proof of concept

    They are not as good as Zippo flints and will clog your lighter up overtime.

    Where i life, 12 flints for zippos cost around 2$.

    But if you have the time for free, why not...

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    Any smoker knows this lol