Picture of Make a Cheap Head Cam
I always thought that those head-mounted cams were pretty cool, one day I thought about making one. It would be a lot cheaper that the other video cameras, so here is what I made. 

- I used an iPod nano 5g for the video (you can find one on eBay because they are out of circulation).
- 2 rubberbands held the iPod on (I tested it on a few walks, nothing fell off ;).
- A headlamp strapped the iPod to my head!

This was a pretty fun project, for it was simple and cheap! I encourage you to build your own!

***Make sure that you have the ipod on while putting the rubber bands on so that you don't have the light in the way of your footage. By the way, if you don't block the iPod-Computer spot (where you plug it in), you don't have to worry about taking off the rubber bands!
Normajean3 years ago
Wow, an interesting, intelligent invention, and not too bulky for the head.
chilll2009 (author)  Normajean3 years ago
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phouchin3 years ago
impressive-wish i had thought of it!!! ur right-simple and cheap!!!
jenram3 years ago
i made this and it is rad!!!
chilll2009 (author)  jenram3 years ago
Thx! Remember to vote :)
zazenergy3 years ago
Awesome! Thanks.