This is an alternative to the very expensive variable temperature vaporizers. It allows you to use different types of herbs such as tobacco, spearmint, and eucalyptus that vaporize at different temperatures without burning them. The entire project will cost between $20 - $40, which is a small fraction of the price of vaporizers you can buy on the internet. This can be used to vaporize marijuana, but i do not promote it unless it is legal where you are.

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

A soldering iron (preferably one with screw in tips)

An empty quart paint can (or any container that is mostly airtight, and will not react to heat)

A 1/2 inch copper pipe cap

A screw that matches the threads on the end of the soldering iron, no longer than a 1/2 or 1/4 inch. ( Or a nail that fits in the end of the soldering iron and can be tightened snugly and has a fairly wide head)

A small amount of plumbers epoxy putty

A dimmer switch with the highest wattage rating you can find.

A small diameter tube that wont react to heat, and won't release chemicals.

A digital thermometer with a fast response time. (I use a fluke multimeter with a thermocouple, but i don't expect everyone to have one of those.)


A  drill with a bit just larger than the nail or screw you will use to go into the tip on the iron.

A nail or other sharp object that can penetrate the metal can.

A pair of pliers

A knife or wire strippers

A small amount of tape
Interesting, have you thought of dismantling the soldering-iron and maybe just using the main body instead of the copper-tip?<br> <br> L<br>
I did, but the iron i used did not want to come apart without me having to use a dremel. So i may just cut the handle part off later. But im not sure what you mean by not using the copper tip. I found that it transferred the heat of the element inside the iron to the herbs best when i used the pipe cap &quot;bowl&quot;.
<br> I meant just the hot bit of the iron (that I've burned my fingers on a few times)<br> <br> L<br>
<p>yoiu can buy soldering iron elements on ebay </p>
Uh.. Why would anybody want to vaporize spearmint or eucalyptis?!? What would be the point? Btw tobacco is dangerous and it's far more addictive than heroin... Use Cannabis :-)
smoking through copper is not good for you

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