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Introduction: Cheap Home Made Mocha

Cafe mocha is an american invented varient of a caffe latte. It is typically made using one part espresso (basically really strong coffee), and two parts milk with some chocolate added. like a cappuccino, it usually has milk froth on top of it but whipped cream can also be used.

A few weeks ago I had a coupon for a free McCafe at McDonalds. This was the first time I ever got a specialty coffee, so I picked one at random which happened to be mocha. I liked it very much but they were too expensive for me to get on a regular basis so when I got hope I went on wikipedia (also the source for the backstory on mocha) to find out what goes into it. I tried making it with ordinary (and cheap) things and it ended up tasting more or less like what I gotten earlier at McDonalds.


Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients that are needed are:
hot cocoa powder
coffee powder
whipped cream (optional)

objects needed:
coffee cup(microwavable)
a larger coffee cup

Step 2: Microwave the Water

Start off by microwaving about a 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of water (in the microwavable cup, of course) for about 1:30.
When that is done pour it into the bigger cup. I use a travel cup because it will stay warmer when you are doing the next steps

Step 3: Microwave the Milk

After that fill the smaller cup with milk. Microwave it for about the same amount of time*.
Pour the milk into the bigger cup.

*Their is nothing special about the microwave times, I just do it a 1:30 so I dont have to wait for it to cool down to drink it.

Step 4: Add the Dry Ingredients

Basically what the title says; just make sure to add enough coffee powder to make a full cup of coffee, even though it only has enough water for a portion of a cup. You can also add the powder when you are waiting for things to finish microwaving.

Step 5: Stir and Enjoy

When you finish adding the ingredients stir it. If you want the whipped cream on your mocha, now is the time to add it. I decided not to add it in order to lower the cost. Feel free to change the recipe around a bit; I rarely make two cups the same. Adding more or less of the liquids will give it stronger or weaker flavor, and it even tastes alright if you just add coffee powder to hot cocoa. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading my first instructable.



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    10 Discussions

    This used to be my mom's morning drink at work. She called it her "Broka-Mocha"

    (As in the Mocha you drink when you're broke)

    Ive been doing something like this for years ( I think I did an "ible" on it) when you stop for a coffee at your local favorite gasNgo add a packet of hot cocoa mix to the cup before pulling the coffee, top off with a couple of your favorite flavored creamers and maybe some ice.. Nice pictures

    5 replies

    hahah that's right!! I'd almost forgotten about those hot cocoa mixes! Years ago when I went to college in California, I discovered the student center had peppermint tea bags (just the herbal peppermint, they weren't black tea flavored with peppermint), so I'd brew one of those in with my coffee and then add the packet of hot cocoa mix and let it all sit a few minutes to soak up the flavors. Oh boy! Yum!! (back then, I was young and new to coffee and it seemed "bitter" and so this was one way to get it down!!).

    there are all kinds of hot chocolate and other flavored coffee packets available now, I always have a variety on hand to occasionally change up the coffee

    Yes there are!! I just watch out for the ingredients because even those flavored coffee or chocolate packets will have soy products (protein or isolate etc) or else artificial flavors like acesulfame potassium (aspartame /NutraSweet etc) and my body can't handle that as much. I usually get the raw cacao powder three day and sweeten with stevia or honey or even molasses depending on how deep a flavor I want (or the health benefits of such), and use cinnamon cardamom nutmeg those sorts of spices to give it a "sweet" smell without actually needing as much actual sweetener. Lots of ways to play with it. All good! Just adapt to what your needs are. I've even spiked my cuppa with beef gelatin powder (need to be mixed in with cold water and then added to the hot, else it doesn't blend well in the hot water straight.). The gelatin gives a richer body feel and is good for your achey joints!! :)

    "three day" is Siri-doublespeak for "these days". ;(

    "three day" is Siri-doublespeak for "these days". ;(

    Soy is good if you can handle it. I used to use it and then started having stomach issues. Nowadays I'll use almond milk or coconut milk. Almond milks come in original, vanilla, or chocolate flavors, so that can only make the coffee better, your choice, right?

    Can also find tinned (canned) coconut milk at some stores, or an ethnic grocery store if you have one (we have a bunch of Asian and Hispanic stores and they all carry it) - and that's really yummy in coffee.

    Another thing I like to do is spike it with hazelnut or like those flavored syrups you see at some of the DIY coffee shops inside gas stations (Kwik Stop etc).

    Great 'ible!!