The other day I picked up 2 pack of 17.75"x6"x30" black with clear top zipper cases for storing stuff under beds. I only had a use for one, so I was interested in making the other one a small Solar Heater for my workshop.

Ive seen these things done before at the local solar fair, and i i figured it cant be too hard to make a small one

Step 1: Materials,

-One, 17.75"x6"x30" black cloth under bed storage container(bigger if you can find it,) But it needs a clear top

-One 80mm 12V computer fan and grill and mounting screws (these can be taken from computer cases or power supplies)

-Two, 9 volt batteries (I hope to replace these with a 12V solar panel soon)

-Two 9volt battery clips (probably moot if replaced with solar, but I may keep them for use in partial sun)

-Some cardboard, or black foam board

-Some black Duct Tape

-One length of dryer hose (probably best if its less than 10 feet mine is about feet long
Think you need to add more details and better Pictures on step by step constructions.Im very interested in this. PKM: It doesn't matter how cold it gets if you have SUN it will be warm Ice will melt under 30F as long as its sunny.
I plan to post additional photos when i get a chance to drag it out for a test this weekend. I think i covered the instructions pretty well, let me know what parts are unclear to you and i will add on! Its still pretty alpha, i hope after this weekend it will be in a more fully usable state. and i will have some info on how it worked and tweaks.
Not every Pic is bad .Its the parts about the cardboard inside the bag where to put he hoses .The Fans.Where to put the bag and Hoses. Just needs to be more clear with slightly more details .Over all Its nice and got my attention.
This looks like a good repurposing of a cheap object, I might even have one of those bags under my bed! Baffles would probably help (black painted card should be all you need), and I love the idea of a solar fan to only use the heater when there's enough sun to make it worthwhile. I doubt it would help much here though, perpetually cloudy days and sub-freezing mornings and evenings mean it would probably lose more heat than it gained. It's a nice idea, though.

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