Picture of Cheap Homemade Coasters
Alright! My first instructable! So, a quick intro to what you're doing. You'll be using some basic utensils and items found around the house to put together a neat little coaster for your drink.

I'm always putting together cool projects, and lately, I've been using a lot of cardboard. It occurred to me a couple hours ago that I was thirsty, and I didn't want to set my drink down in fear of the condensation getting on any of my works, so I decided to build a cool coaster.
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Step 1: Items You'll Need

Picture of Items You'll Need
Again, some basics:

- Packaging Tape
- Circular object that is the size you want for your coaster
- Sharpie (any writing utensil will work)
- X-ACTO Knife
- Magazine Page (with image you want on coaster)
- Cardboard
- Box Cutter
- Glue-stick
- Scissors

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base
14, 4:02 AM.jpg
14, 4:02 AM.jpg
14, 4:02 AM.jpg
You need to get the main part of the coaster made first. Pull out a piece of cardboard, as well as whatever circular object you grabbed as mentioned above. I used a half-used roll of duct tape. It was perfect size-wise.

Trace around the outside of the circle onto the cardboard. Now, use the X-ACTO to score the outside rim. Don't cut all the way through. Just enough so you have a "track" for the box cutter. Finally, use the box cutter to cut through the rim. Now you have a circle!

Pro Tip: Move slow. Never rush through cutting an art piece!

Kathmandu3656 months ago

Fun idea - the only issue I can see that could be detrimental to the life span of your coasters is that condensation might seep in between the tape pieces. Perhaps sealing the picture and the rest of the cardboard with a Modge Podge type layer might work better. I will take your idea to the high school where I work. Great project for the students. :-)

zhamster rules11 months ago
Cool. I like it
johnstat00011 months ago

You could also use mod podge on top of the image to really bond it down and waterproof it, but nice job!

kmorrissey411 months ago
Very cool. You can also keep the ones they give you when you go to a bar. Ahem. But yours are cuter.
tcolo'n (author) 11 months ago
Glad everyone likes them!
inkedtexaslady11 months ago

Great, simple idea! Thanks!

jenise200011 months ago
Cool i love the bugs one and great how u dont have to have special stuff to make it :)
Paige Russell11 months ago

What a simple, fun project idea! Welcome to Instructables. : )