First, here are the things you'll need. Scissors and an old tube sock. It doesn't have to be pretty, unless you want it to be. Arts and crafts are up to you.

Step 1: Line up the cut

Next, cut the tube sock about two lengths down from the top. A good way to do this is to simply put your ipod or other device at the top of the sock and flip it over it's end. Or just slide it down. Whatever.
<p>I like the idea but i to be able to see the screen :/</p>
Thank you! <br>A clever and inexpensive way to have something functional and self made, which is always more fulfilling than buying more things.
This did the trick for me! Gracias!
Thank you! Today I went in search of an armband for my Cricket LG and found out that it's a pro-Ipod world out there. Can't wait to see if this does the trick.
Very very clever!!!! Well done!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!!
Has anyone tried to make and use this one? Did the ipod survive the run ?<br />
brilliant! love it!!!<br />
I made one for my dad and he loves it!
Great Idea!

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