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Introduction: Cheap Ipod or MP3 Player Boombox

I'll say you an easy way to make a cheap boombox

A preview:

Step 1: Material

You need:
1 box
Minimum 1 speaker(I use 4)
1 switch
1 speaker
1 system of speaker for volume
1 3.5mm male Jack
MP3 Player

Hot Glue Gun
Soldering iron

Step 2: Make Holes for Speakers

Use soldering iron to make great holes
After, glue the speakers to the box

Step 3: Connecting Everything

Solder every positive together and every negative together

The system of volume from the speaker is different
But there is always 2 wires from the jack, the power source and 2 wires from the speaker (black and red)

Connect the 2 wires from the speaker to one speaker

Step 4: Close It Up and Enjoy

Close the box and enjoy !
You can use on computer,mp3 player,television,travels...

Here's a preview of mine



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    on step 3 in the first picture. what size are those speakers cos they're nice

    Its acually an amplifier, not just a volume control. Where did you get it from?

    2 replies

    From a broke computer speaker I add a 5th speaker xD

    I usually buy ugly computer speaker sets from Ross:/ lol, they're crappy, but cheap. great for projects such as this. Great job:]