Picture of Cheap LED Retrofitting
Ah! In this instructable i will describe how you can convert those old small tube lights in better and more efficient LED Lights that doesn`t even hurt your pocket!
As we all know LED`s are - good, long lasting,efficient and easy to play with!

Let me share a small anecdote:
I had this really small sized Tube light that i used during some late night reading. It served me good for about 2 years and then it would abruptly close down after a few minutes. It had those so-called power efficient electronic chokes to start and drive it. After a  quick run to the spares shop to get a replacement choke for my light, i found out that , these  chokes are no longer in stock (Mine was a low power one, higher ones were still available). Adamant, i came back home and decided to replace it with a LED Replacement.

So, to get started you will need :

LED`s (3x1 Watt) (Moon White/Warm White)
LED Driver (You build you own too using either a ac stepdown transformer with a Buck Conv. or Linear Regulator( Less Efficient))
I decided to buy one because the cost of building one was somehow more than the product.
These are readily available on the internet
like this , this or this . I managed to find a local source for the same, who after some bargain was willing to sell it to me for about 2.2$ . If anybody needs it in India, they can surely ask! :D

Screw Driver
Drilling Machine
Wire Cutter
Heat Shrinks
Soldering Iron

Mechanical Stuff:
Steel sheet (for making a heat sink)
Heat Glue 
Butter Paper 

Just the above materials and you are all set for making a LED RetroFit!

So, i just too me about 2.2$ for the driver and LED`s worth 1.4$, which is 3.6$
To resurrect an old Tube Lamp into a modern day LED Lamp!

Just in case you don`t have a similar model, the instructable still applies, as you make use of several tricks i used in any of your high power LED Project! 

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thebriguy5 months ago

I found you can just rough sand the 'lens' (bulb cover) and that diffuses the light. You have to judge if you would still need the butter paper :-)

Thanks for the instructable

bhvm1 year ago
very nice work. butter paper diffusion is a great Idea. please give your views on my project-