Cheap Laptop Holder and Cooler





Introduction: Cheap Laptop Holder and Cooler

This is a very cheap laptop holder I decided to build after I get some performance problem with my Laptop due to overheat. On that picture I use a 1.5 volt DC to 12 DC adaptor. So with that one I can choose different speed and at the same time it can be noiseless by change the speed. Or you can use an USB adaptor if your fan support it and if it's use less than .500 Amp

(I'm not bilingual so I do my best...)

Step 1: What You Need

1- Cheap cabinet shelf = 5$ (from bargainshop)
2- PC Fan (bigger is better)
3- AC-DC adaptor = 5 $ or
4- USB cable = 1 $ (dollar store)

Step 2: Bend, Pli and Curve It ...

I didn't show you every step of the bend process , anyways every laptop are different.
- But first bend 2 legs at 90 degrees at half way. Than cut the 2 others legs and curve all the otherside at 180 degrees . Than cut the parts you don't want to keep. Don't forget to keep the small cap at the end of each legs to put it back after you cut it.

Step 3: The Fan With AC DC Adaptor

If you use the AC DC adaptor , just solder the red wire with the positive and the black with the negative. Find where your laptop overheat and use tie wrap to hold it in place. Be sure you blow the air on your Laptop.

Step 4: The Fan With an USB Cable

It's the same thing for the USB cable , keep the red and black wire and cut all the others one.
Now solder the red with the red and the black with the black.

Step 5: Finished

With my laptop on it



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    This one is the best! Thank you!

    excelent work!very nice instructable.

    Great guide. Just wondering how you would go about improving it. I want to be able to switch between the 5v usb and a 12v wall plug. I currently have it set up using a switch for positive and a switch for the negative. Is it possible to use only one switch?

    i have the same laptop like yours seriously and i follow your guide and it lower my laptop from 90+ into 70+ cuz i use 2 pc fan anyway great guide

    Very Kewl! Best Idea I've seen for these. I have scraps of wire shelving and old desktop fans and I'm in it for free! You rock!

    Just wanted to say Thank You for such a simple and easy instructable.  I haven't gathered all the parts for the fan yet (I do have an old pc that I can probably salvage for those) but the stand alone was only 3 dollars!  After about an hour and half's work I now have a super cheap and nice looking stand to help elevate my laptop off the table (I'm thinking of making another one sized to our netbook since it's so easy and affordable).  Come summer time I should also have that nifty fan, too.  Thanks again!

    Out of all the ones that I looked at here on DIY this is the one that I used.  It was so simple, and I had one of those racks out in the kitchen, and all I had to do was bend it around.  It was the only one that had something at the bottom to stop the laptop from sliding off, which whenever you put plastic on metal and an angle, it will slide, on wood too. It was just a really great idea.  If you go to look at which one of the manufactured coolers work best at lowering the temp, the one without the fan does the best job, so I didn't even put a fan in.  No need to, just elevate your lap top and keep it off your blankets etc. and the fan thats in it will keep it cool, no matter how long u use it, and mine is on at least 12 hours a day. So the heck with the fans and all that, just elevate it and it will stay cool and so will your legs.  Thank you so much for the idea, it was so simple, you didn't invent the wheel  all over again, it was a great idea!!!!


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     First , thanks a lot, it's nice to know my idea help other guys. I know for several person you don't need to put the fan under it but for my super ACER laptop when I start to play movies the fan inside is not enuff .


    Rad Dude! My old Toshiba loves it! You are da rule!
    Thanks for the quick cheap fix! Now to use up all the other old tower parts!

     nice very cool.............

    The most elegant laptop cooler/stand ever !

    Nice!  Simple.

    Just out of curiosity, how much does it help with cooling?

    They also make cookie cooling racks that are made in a similar configuration.  The ones I used to have even had folding legs.

    2 replies

    I can feel the air going out of my laptop , is less warm than before...So it realy work's.

    Ah...  Well, I was hoping for definite numbers, but, hey, that works too...

    Excellently done. Very elegant solution! Thank-you!


    Man this one os the simplest and coolest i've seen. Slinding fans, easy to set up at the right angle. Congrats!

    very, very nice! congratulations!

    Hey, works great for projectors too! Plus helps with the screen view angles. Thanks