If you want to make digital circuits perhaps you need a logic analyzer to log data and analyze them on PC that is very useful for debugging. These tools are not so expensive and you can buy one simply. One day I realized that one of these tools is needed for troubleshooting one of my projects immediately. But I couldn’t find one in my town and buying from internet took about two days to own such a device. So I decided to make a simple one to use at that time. Now I’m going to share my very cheap, simple and fast-making logic analyzer to be made by someone who had a problem like me. But note that the tool I made is not very accurate but could help you a lot. (It was very helpful for me.)

Step 1: Things Needed

According to the circuit diagram to make this tool you need following components and soldering tools and hot glue.

  • About one meter cat5 cable;
  • 1x DB9 female connector;
  • 2x 2.2K resistors;
  • 2x 5.1V zener diodes;
  • Female pin header (7 holes).

<p>Game changer. Great . Thanks. definitely a must have. Can we have a Pi based Software of this type?</p>
Thank you, You can use any software on any OS that can be connected to serial port.

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Bio: I'm a mechanical engineer, and I like computer programming, mechanics, electronics and specially the robotics.
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