Step 2: About That Lumber Rack

Picture of About That Lumber Rack
I got the lumber rack for used for $30 which is less than the pipe would have cost.
This is a nice rack. The rear crossbars drop into brackets in a really handy way.
When I got it It was way too big for my truck, which was perfect.
I cut sections out of it with an abrasive saw and welded it back together so it fits my little truck perfectly, better than any commercial rack. Commercial models are taller than necessary so they'll fit more models of truck.
Look up the relative size of your truck bed and the wreck with a rack that you're shopping at here.

You might wonder why some racks have a dip in the side pipes. That's so they'll be lower than the crossbars. It makes it a lot easier for the forklift to pull out after lowering something onto the rack.
That's a useful feature to have.

If you don't have a welder already, go build one now.