Cheap Mini Pallet Coasters!

Picture of Cheap Mini Pallet Coasters!
Do you want to make these mini pallet coasters? Maybe you've seen them online and wished you could make some of your own. Well i just spent the past day trying to figure out the exact dimensions of what these little babies are and i finally got it.

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Step 1: What you're gonna need

All of the items on this list can be baught at joann fabrics but hobby lobby is also an option.
And don't forget to use the coupons. If you go to joanns you can use competitor coupons and get them on your phone making this project about $4 to do. Hobby lobby will not take competitor coupons though.

1. 3.99 1 peice of craft basswood 1/16" x 3" x 24" OR you can use one bag of large popsicle sticks LARGE(NOT REGULAR SIZED)

you can buy the both of these at joann fabrics but the peice of wood is easier

2. 2.99 1 peice of 1/4" x 1" x 4 ft

I'm not 100% on the 4 ft, you will only be needing about 2 ft nevertheless

3. free if you already have it: wood glue or hot glue (wood glue is better but there is no problem using hot glue)

4. free if you already have it: black paint or coffee or tea (to be used for staining)

I will be showing the paint method

5. free if you already have: xacto knife or box cutter

6. free if you already have: paper plate or some other place to mix paint and water

7. free if you already have: sand paper (any)

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of cutting
Cut out your individual peices from your wood.

For one pallet you will need:

10 peices of the thinner wood at 9/32" x 3 3/4"

and 3 peices of the thicker wood that are 1/4" x 3 7/8"
kevlar4 months ago
I love it, so I made my own .
kevlar kevlar4 months ago
Hers the third phto showing scale, with an Australian 20c coin.
bginoza (author)  kevlar4 months ago
That is amazing. I was going to suggest drawing in where the nails would be but it slipped my mind. You did a great job. The second pic of it on the ground makes it look life size. XD
CrazyClever1 month ago

Wonderful instruction and a wonderful product. I made myself a set and now I have set of coasters I'll actually use! I made a storage crate for them as well, I'll post pictures when I can :)

Ashiko1 month ago
csawyers12 months ago

To save some materials you can use two of the flat "slats" on the very bottom. We build our pallets much like this but instead of using 5 more for the bottom we use 2. The larger the pallet the more you would want to use but this would save some material and allow for a few more "mini pallets" to be made :-) We have some that have sticky notes attached to them at our office.

scottnak2 months ago
Mahalos for this! Just made my first set of 4 & love them. Thanks again!
Sweet! Great job on your first tutorial. I'm looking forward to future postings.
Great project! Just made my first!
rmstrong4 months ago
Gah!! This is so awesome!

My fiance has been trying to get her hands on regular size pallets so she can up-cycle them for projects. I brought home 5 pallets but later found out they were more than likely filled with unhealthy chemicals so we are burning them for fuel in an outdoor furnace. She was pretty down about the whole matter. I feel if I show her this or make them for her she will feel much better about the whole ordeal.

Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your crafts in the future.
nancyCpants4 months ago
how cute! goes good with mason jar glasses.
SlavicFMJ4 months ago
I love palette projects, and this one is AWESOME!! Well done.
jpokakaa4 months ago
My friends saw mine and now I am making them a set!! This is gonna be my gift to friends this holliday. They asked where I brought them!!
bginoza (author)  jpokakaa4 months ago
That's too cool. I'm glad they really liked them. :D
jpokakaa4 months ago
I love it. Mine turned out just right!!
bginoza (author)  jpokakaa4 months ago
Yay I'm glad someone did it. :D
atreece4 months ago
Something I look forward to trying sometime.
CathyJo864 months ago
You did great on your first tutorial. And these coaster are amazing! I love them. I will be trying your instructable this weekend. Thank you!
Rodney77994 months ago
When I saw the first pic I thought "where did they get the giant glass, nope... Just mini pallets" You did a good job on your instructable.
lvogel14 months ago
idea from Wodworking for mere mortals on youtube...
the catch is it should be made out of pallet wood...still good instructable though...
ewooten14 months ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing ... ☆★btw you did great for your first tutorial ★☆
ctx19854 months ago
Fantastic idea! So creative. I love it!
Hugeherbie4 months ago
Nice job. Very explicit, good pictures, should be no problem for any one to create their own

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