Cheap Mini Pallet Coasters!





Introduction: Cheap Mini Pallet Coasters!

Do you want to make these mini pallet coasters? Maybe you've seen them online and wished you could make some of your own. Well i just spent the past day trying to figure out the exact dimensions of what these little babies are and i finally got it.

Step 1: What You're Gonna Need

All of the items on this list can be baught at joann fabrics but hobby lobby is also an option.
And don't forget to use the coupons. If you go to joanns you can use competitor coupons and get them on your phone making this project about $4 to do. Hobby lobby will not take competitor coupons though.

1. 3.99 1 peice of craft basswood 1/16" x 3" x 24" OR you can use one bag of large popsicle sticks LARGE(NOT REGULAR SIZED)

you can buy the both of these at joann fabrics but the peice of wood is easier

2. 2.99 1 peice of 1/4" x 1" x 4 ft

I'm not 100% on the 4 ft, you will only be needing about 2 ft nevertheless

3. free if you already have it: wood glue or hot glue (wood glue is better but there is no problem using hot glue)

4. free if you already have it: black paint or coffee or tea (to be used for staining)

I will be showing the paint method

5. free if you already have: xacto knife or box cutter

6. free if you already have: paper plate or some other place to mix paint and water

7. free if you already have: sand paper (any)

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out your individual peices from your wood.

For one pallet you will need:

10 peices of the thinner wood at 9/32" x 3 3/4"

and 3 peices of the thicker wood that are 1/4" x 3 7/8"

Step 3: Stain (skip If You Want Your Pallets to Look New)

What you need to do is make a little pallette.
I used a paper plate.

Put a little black paint on there as well as some water and do a test on some scrap wood.
I wouldn't suggest using brown paint. I tried that and it just didn't look right but you can do as you please. :P

You can use your hands or a paint brush. It works either way.

When you're happy with your test wood, do the same to all of your pieces of wood.

Note: Make sure you vary the darkness of the pieces that way they don't all look the same.

As soon as you're done with that then let em dry.
(you can speed this up with a hairdryer)

Step 4: Glue and Done

Use whatever glue you have to attach 5 planks of the bigger pieces of wood to the 3 smaller.

Then attach the remaining 5 planks the same way you attached the first 5.

If some of your planks are longer than others you can sand the ends to make them more even.

Besides that you're done. That's all it takes.

If you liked my little tutorial here, be sure to give me some positive feedback.

This is my first tutorial ever so I'd like to know how I did.


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I want to do this but with the popsicle sticks since I cant cut steady. Does anyone have pics of those?

I like this and going to try it, you have done a great job thanks for sharing

These a very cool especially to s palletoholic
like me

Cute and clever. I would suggest attaching a small piece of cork across the bottom to catch the drips from cold drinks.

Now we just need someone to post a project taking them apart to make a tiny coffee table from the wood.

1 reply

finally coaster just got cool to me, although i gotta say they would not stop the water condensation from dripping probably

So want to make these now... and a little RC fork lift to deliver the drinks!

Gostei muito. Assim que puder farei o meu. Muito bom para um primeiro tutorial. Parabéns.

I am DEFINITELY going to make these. I've been looking for a project for these pieces of balsa I have. Thank you!

Awesome idea! Looks so realistic. I will defiantly be making some of these. Now i need to find a mini forklift to use as a dispenser... hrmmm

Gah!! This is so awesome!

My fiance has been trying to get her hands on regular size pallets so she can up-cycle them for projects. I brought home 5 pallets but later found out they were more than likely filled with unhealthy chemicals so we are burning them for fuel in an outdoor furnace. She was pretty down about the whole matter. I feel if I show her this or make them for her she will feel much better about the whole ordeal.

Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your crafts in the future.

2 replies

there are sources that teach how to read which pallets are safe by understanding the stamped numbers on them

fantastic idea! i honestly never knew that.

This sounds like a fun project! If you have any left over from a saved pallet, any piece of wood and a bandsaw, you can slice the wood to thickness and width and then get started.

You did great on your first tutorial. And these coaster are amazing! I love them. I will be trying your instructable this weekend. Thank you!

1 reply

Did you ever make them? If you did, did you take pictures?

My son and his new wife wanted these for there wedding reception, so of course dear old dad said he would make them. I used boards from pallets cut to 3/8" W x what ever thickness the board was x 3 1/2" L, these were the inside boards. I used craft sticks (popcicle sticks) for the boards on the top and bottom of the pallets. 300 pallets later the project was done. They were a great hit at the reception.